Getting over your money fears

Should you fear money? Is money scary?

This is my first post and I will probably address some of these statements and ideas again as this blog begins to take shape and develop. I want to help others find a financial system that works for them and their lifestyle. I want to teach about finances and financial literacy and management. I want to share the joys and the mis-steps with others. I want us to all realize we are human and will make mistakes but that we need to actually learn from our mistakes.

Don’t let money scare you. Money isn’t something to be fearful of but rather I think what is scary is not knowing the reality.

Money is a resource that needs to be managed with tools. There are a variety of tools that you can use. There isn’t a magic tool that will work for everyone. Every situation is different. Every person is different (your attitudes, goals, skills, where you live, your job and your finances all vary),

Money is required for life. We live in a society where money is used to buy and sell everything.

It requires your attention.You cannot just leave money alone and expect it all to turn out fine. But rather money requires that you understand it.

Remember knowledge is power and every piece of knowledge you learn gives you more power and more control over your own money.

You need to be an active participant in your own money life. What can you do today to help you move forward and take steps towards your life and financial goals?

This isn’t about loving money but rather it’s about learning to understand money and how it works. It is also about making the most with what you have. It’s about making the money you have work for you.

Money involves actions -every action you take that uses money can be changed. But it requires you work hard and you must change your behavior and your habits. Every action is a choice and you need to make conscious choices and also understand the potential consequences of your choices both in the short and long term.

Money involves habits- you can work hard to change habits but it will involve hard work.

You need to be realistic- don’t hide your head in the sand and pretend that things are okay but instead recognize what your reality is.

Don’t try to keep up with the Jone’s. They don’t exist anymore. Don’t look at others and judge your own situation based on others. Often things are better on the  surface than they are in reality. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

No one can have it all, all the time.

Recognize that money can vary over time. Your money situation will change and you need to be prepared before it changes in order to ensure that your life is not devastated by every change.

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