Do you need help aligning your life and money goals?

Tips for matching your Life and Money Goals 

You need to remember that every action you take and every decision you make either moves you closer or further away from your life and your money goals. These two sets of goals must match up in order to help you succeed. Money can help you reach your life goals if you learn how to use it correctly.

I suggest trying the SMART method of making attainable goals- you need to be able to reach your goals and make them reality, otherwise goals are just a dream. This method doesn’t just work for financial goals but can be used for any goal such as losing weight, decluttering and organizing your home, or a variety of other goals.

The first part of the process is to make a clear decision about why you want to achieve this particular goal. Why is this goal important?

Start small, try this method with a short term easy to achieve goal and than work towards larger more complex goals. You can use this method to sub-divide larger goals into workable pieces.

Write down each piece of the puzzle. Be clear and concise.


Goal Tracker

You might want to find an accountability partner or share your goals with others who can help motivate and keep you on track. Maybe you make a tracker that you display on your wall or bulletin board that looks like a thermometer. Make it visual and fun. Use each step as a mini-goal for you to reach.

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