How to Save Money Tip Day 3: Simple and Inexpensive Ideas for having Fun

How to Save Money Tip Day 3: Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun this Summer

Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive, it is more about having the experience.

Look for low-cost or free events, activities, and programs in your own community.

Listen to the radio or check out your community’s website for ideas.

Some suggestions for fun activities include:

  • check out charities that can benefit from your time and energy (for ex. charity walks)
  • train for a marathon
  • fun days for children
  • a fair, exhibition, or circus
  • heritage days or sites
  • a local park (play catch, frisbee, picnic lunch)
  • nature trails (bike or walk)
  • museums
  • just to name a few

Sometimes the real key is to think outside the box and look for different alternatives you can enjoy….

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