How to Save Money Tip Day 6: Quick Ways to be a Tourist in your own Community

How to Save Money Tip Day 6: Learn How to be a Tourist in your own Community

Have you given any thought to taking a lower-cost staycation this summer instead of a pricey vacation?

  1. Definitely take some time to plan out your staycation. What are you going to do during this time?
  2. Research possibilities within 100-150 kms from your town or city. Look at museums, art galleries, provincial parks, nature trails, aquariums/zoos, a play in a local theater, wine tours, concerts, bowling, historical sites, amusement parks, miniature golf, just to name a few possibilities
  3. Look for special programs, activities, or events- often there are big celebrations for holidays such as July 1st (Canada Day) or July 4th (Independence Day)
  4. Worried about putting mileage on your car- then rent a car
  5. Look for discounts and coupons for entrance fees or rentals
  6. Book online- compare prices for renting cars, tickets to special events, or even a hotel
  7. Look at alternatives to a pricey hotel- camping outside, a log cabin, bed and breakfasts, a rental with a group could be cheaper possibilities
  8. If you have kids- find fun and exciting activities for them during the day
  9. Have fun at night- make sure you plan some fun date night activities for you and your partner
  10. Take lots of pictures- you want to capture special memories
  11. Consider your local environment- do you live near the beach or on a lake? Look at local relevant activities such as fishing or canoeing or sun-bathing. In the mountains you might enjoy hiking adventures
  12. Check out your local town/city website, listen to the radio, look in the newspaper for lots of unique possibilities